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Parade of Prophets: Joel

In the Valley of Decision

The Day of the Lord

is both terrible

and wonderful.

Judgement’s fangs

will chew to the root

the lovely figs

He’s given us,

Or Forgiveness’ wings

will spread above us

and cover over

our sinfulness.

Blow the trumpets!

Mourning for the land,

Or rejoicing from the mountains

Wait in the Valley of Decision.

My children, repent!

Turn to Me with all your heart!

Rend your heart, not your clothes!

Return to the Lord your God!

Joel 1-3

What’s Left in Your Heart

Can’t you see?

I am near.

I am right here.

I pour myself out

all around you.

Can’t you hear?

I called you.

I said your name.

I blew trumpets

across the land.

Don’t you know?

I could be your blessing.

I could be your strength.

If only you’d let Me be

your one and only.

Joy and gladness

have left this land.

My grain has been

left to ruin.

My wine has been

left to dry up.

My oil has been

left to no use.

My fruit has been

left to wither.


I will judge you.

You will come

to the Valley of Decision.

Cry out to Me

as if I will still

hear you.

And we’ll see

what’s left

in your heart.

Joel 1 and 2

Sin is a Sharp Stick Sin is a sharp stick We poke God in the eye with. Continuing to sin Is going for the other eye. Repentance is a bone Breaking deep inside When we sin; The jagged part Stabs us in the heart And we don’t want to do it again. It is not enough To tear our clothes to shreds; Truth is knowing We rip our own hearts When we sin. All He asks, Thanks be to Him, Is that we turn, In all our sin, And lay our brokenness At His feet.
Joel 2:12-14 Psalms 34:18, 51:17