Small Stones

The day waits just ahead,
six cubits and a span high,
armed with a helmet of bronze,
a coat of mail five thousands shekels,
and a spear like a weaver's beam,
standing due East in the morning light,
shouting streams of derisive epithets,
ready to do battle.

Do you hear it?
It challenges God.
It defies Him, every day.

Are you dismayed?
Are you frightened?
Will you flee like the rest?
Will you throw down your sword?
How will you go?

Let no man's courage fail!
How dare God be defied!

Rise, come to the frontline
In the name of God,
For He is with you,
As even with small stones,
The battle is His.

So run into the breach
And let your sling fly,
For victory over the day
     is already sealed.

1 Samuel 17

by J Alan R
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