His Cry

His cry
from the lowly grotto
ushered in the dawn
of awe.
Lights filled the sky,
and the earth stood still.
Faces fixed fast
upon the starry heavens.
Hands raised high
in thanks and praise.
And voices fell 
The time had come,
the long awaited savior
had finally come.

His cry
from the heights of Golgotha
opened wide the gates
of glory.
Darkness fell over the land,
and the earth shook.
Faces fixed fast
upon the bloody cross.
Hands raised high
in anger and disgust.
And voices rang
The time had come,
the long promised kingdom
had indeed come.

His cry
heard by shepherds 
staring in the chill,
His cry
heard by mockers 
gawking on the hill,
His cry
once for all, even still.
by J. Alan R.

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