We bury many things in our lives
     mistakenly left for dead,
Only for God to come along and
     give one or two new life.
We see ends that just aren’t there,
     must not be meant to be,
 When God sees a chance for glory
     a heavenly sense revealed.
God sees our problems differently,
     not the deaths we accept;
He's not interested in resuscitation,
     only rebirths so glorious.
Before all who thought Him mad,
     Jesus called Lazarus¹ out,
And from his tomb the dead arose
     bound still in burial clothes.
Unbind my friend and set him free,
     Jesus did so command,
See the glory that is God's alone,
      over death His power shone.

John 11:1-46

¹Lazarus is the Greek translation for
the Hebrew name Eleazar, which
means 'God will help.'

by J Alan R
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