Echo in the Storm

When the wind begins to whip across the sea,
     and blows against your face...
And when a global pandemic hits,
Keep your eyes on Him!┬╣

When dark clouds begin to swirl overhead,
     and threaten to dump rain...
And when millions of people get sick,
Keep your eyes on Him!!

When waves begin to beat against the boat,
     and swamp the deck...
And when millions of people die,
Keep your eyes on Him!!!

When lightning in the sky begins to thunder,
     and the sound is frightening...
And when people you know die,
Keep your eyes on Him!!!!

When white-capped waves begin to tower,
     and capsizing is moments away...
And when people you love die,
Keep your eyes on Him!!!!!

When thoughts to abandon ship begin,
     and a watery burial beckons...
And when it's you who's to die,
Keep your eyes on Him!!!!!!

Listen, my friends,
     to the echo in the storm:
Keep your eyes on Him!!!!!!!

Matthew 14:22-36
Mark 6:45-56
John 6:16-24

┬╣inspired by the song "Keep Your Eyes on
Me" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

by J Alan R
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