Glory Be to Only Him

Picture this...every son of man,
In every corner of this round earth,
All day, every day, forever and ever,
Good, kind, gentle, caring and patient,
Putting another and others' needs
     ahead of their own,
Honest, trustworthy, even peaceable,
Showing true compassion for all
     struggling in dire need,
Forgiving and merciful, beyond loving,
Willing to die for a brother or sister,
     especially for an enemy,
Obedient to God the Heavenly Father,
Hesitating not, and without reservation,
     Glory be to only Him.
Why can't this picture be, we, after all,
Certainly have it in us, as we were made
To be more than mere shadows of His

Philippians 2:1-11
Genesis 1:27

by J Alan R
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