"Thank You!"*
(Hallelujah Series 5)
Try this, 
Say: "Thank You!" 
To God 
For everything
All day 
And see... 

When morning's first 
Between parted curtains 
Breaks through, "Thank You!" 
When yes is all 
And the answer's still 
No, "Thank You!" 
And when it's all good 
In the neighborhood, 
"Thank You!" 

...thanks is more 
Than recognizing blessings 
Big or small, 
Even nothing at all, 
It's expressing joy 
At the site of His hands 
Giving such gifts, 
And embracing instead 
It's the gesture that lifts. 
So, strike up the band 
Deep in your heart, 
And march to its beat 
The neverending song 
You were meant to play 
All along, "Thank You!"

*5th in a series of poems
called the Hallelujah Series

by J. Alan R.

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